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Subject: Re: UKNM: the auditor cometh...
From: Stefan Magdalinski
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2000 19:55:08 GMT

Aidan Cook wrote:
> Afternoon all,
> I read that Scoot.com was under some pressure from a major investor to
> have its subscriber-base externally audited (i.e., if a company has
> 500,000 subscribers, how does it define 'a subscriber'?).
> Does anyone know if this is going ahead, and can anyone else describe how
> they define 'a subscriber'? (Criteria such as spending, repeat visits, use
> of free services, whatever).
> Oh, and on the subject of auditors, a KPMG person made a point concerning
> over-valuation to me the other day that made me stroke my chin for five
> minutes - I'd welcome any comments on its veracity:
> E-toys has a higher value than Toys R Us, and yet the latter are currently
> selling more toys online than e-toys, never mind what's going out
> of their shops.

not any more.

European Artists 6, stupid american toy retailer 0


> January 25, 2000
> Waited a month to make good on promise, just in time for earnings report
> Contact: etoyfundatrtmark [dot] com (mailto:etoyfundatrtmark [dot] com)
> More information: http://rtmark.com/etoypress.html,
> http://rtmark.com/etoy/, http://toywar.com, http://rtmark.com/shell,
> http://www.etoys.com/cgi-bin/buzz.pl?sku=1012690&store=et (Nazi toy)
> Four weeks ago, Internet toy giant eToys announced to the press that it
> was "moving away" from its lawsuit against European art group etoy in
> response to the torrent of public outrage. As the weeks went by without
> further action, however, many activists decided that eToys' words had
> represented a typical corporate ploy to derail opposition, and that the
> company had no intention of actually dropping the suit.
> Activists quickly renewed their campaigns against eToys. RTMark
> initiated two new campaigns to drive eToys' stock price yet further
> down (it has now sunk well below its opening value of $20 per share,
> after a high of $67 reached the day the protests began), and a new
> community platform, http://www.toywar.com, gathered a "toy army" of
> 1400 activists poised to perform "operations" on command.
> The strongest attack to date was scheduled to coincide with eToys'
> earnings announcement on Thursday. Today, just in time, eToys
> formally dropped its case against etoy "without prejudice"--a phrase
> that means either party is still free to attack the other. eToys has
> also formally agreed to pay etoy's court costs and other expenses
> incurred as a result of the lawsuit.
> "A precedent has now finally been set in stone," said RTMark
> spokesperson Ray Thomas. "eToys thought it could act like corporations
> typically do, but it had no idea how the Internet works. Now e-commerce
> corporations have a choice: either obtain a legal stranglehold on the
> Internet, so that this kind of defensive reaction is no longer possible,
> or behave decently towards the humans who use this medium for purposes
> other than profit."
> "This is the Brent Spar of e-commerce," said Reinhold Grether, an
> Internet researcher and a mastermind of the anti-eToys campaigns. "Just
> as the petroleum industry learned it had to listen to environmentalists,
> so e-commerce companies have now learned that the Internet doesn't
> belong to them, and they can't do whatever they want with it." (See
> http://rtmark.com/shell for more about the Brent Spar, and
> http://www.hygrid.de/etoyrhiz.html for more comments by Grether.)
> "eToys will try to paint this as a misunderstanding, as just a simple
> error that has now been corrected," wrote etoy in a prepared statement.
> "But this is not what happened. They tried to destroy us, and that got
> them into very big trouble. They wanted to drop their case 'with
> prejudice,' because they fear further attacks and trademark battles,
> but now they see they have no choice at all in the matter. It is a
> total victory."
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  UKNM: the auditor cometh..., Aidan Cook

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