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Subject: Re: UKNM: Word.com
From: Lee.Rickler
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2000 15:58:37 GMT

Same here BUT this raises the question "but is it right"?

The general user, (freeserver), would look at word.com and either:
1, Think it is Yahoo and attempt a search, (D'OH!)
2, Think it is rubbish because it doesn't go woooosh BANG!!


those in the trade would either:
1, Applaud it for it's truthfulness and arrogance.
2, Slag it off because it aint new or their idea.

I would say it's a cross between

Freeserver - 1
Trade - 2


Chris Heathcote
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At 6:06 pm +0000 on 26/1/00, Stefan Magdalinski wrote:
>::rapturous applause::
>gold dust: a designer who gets it.
>although you can have a site that works that doesn't *look* exactly like

and look at it now ;)

I must say, though, I do agree with a moderate amount of what he says
in his new letter.

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