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Subject: RE: UKNM: Word.com
From: Tonya Peck
Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2000 18:04:59 GMT

I too agree/relate to some of the art directors letter, however I think he
sounds defeated & misguided.

>From my experience designing products for clients like Banana Republic,
J.Crew, The Limited, etc, etc they want a product/site that is on-brand
and acceptable to a large market....the bottom line is that unique doesn't
sell in quantity. If you want to be unique go be an artist. If you want
to be a successful designer then you have to be market driven. That said I
think we can learn from each other what does & doesn't work then be
influenced by that analysis at the drawing board. Word.com should have
identified what attributes of the Yahoo site make it successful, they
didn't need to take them all and copy. They even copied the logo style
which is in really poor taste.

besides, Yahoo is successful for a lot of reasons not ONE of them being for
its design.

(market driven designer)
tonyaatdigittante [dot] com

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At 6:06 pm +0000 on 26/1/00, Stefan Magdalinski wrote:
>::rapturous applause::
>gold dust: a designer who gets it.
>although you can have a site that works that doesn't *look* exactly like

and look at it now ;)

I must say, though, I do agree with a moderate amount of what he says
in his new letter.

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