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Subject: RE: UKNM: Now that's service..
From: Ed Follows
Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2000 19:14:00 GMT

--- Steve Gooder <steveatsgooder [dot] com> wrote:
> 1) it wants name, email and location before you
> enter the site. forcing me
> to give out personal information isn't a great way
> to welcome a customer.

Agreed, don't understand the point of it as it doesn't
recognise you when you return: but back to the main

> 2) your order took a week to arrive.

Yup, personally I don't have a problem with that
though and the new size they sent me arrived the next

> 3) they sent the wrong size.

Actually this turned out not to be the case. The
medium sized t-shirts have an 'S' on the label for
some reason! (i think i put on more weight than i
thought over Xmas!)

> 4) you had to give them your address again.

OK maybe their back-end or admin system needs a bit of
work but if it makes things easier sending a four line
email isn't going to kill me.

> it's no horror story, but wouldn't "Now that's
> acceptable, but
> unremarkable.." be a more applicable subject line?

I disagree here. OK, you wouldn't be happy with a week
for delivery, or the fact that they got the size wrong
(which in fact is no longer the case). The point I was
trying to make was that when faced with a customers
issue they dealt with it efficiently: in this case
satisfying the customer and re-building any of the
lost confidence in them. Now in my experience of
ecommerce sites to get an issue dealt with and
rectified in under and hour is 'very good customer
service'. Many sites customer service pails into
inexistence compared to this and so in my opinion such
an occurrence should be remarked upon.

> cheers,
> steve gooder
> steveatsgooder [dot] com

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