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Subject: UKNM: War Memorials (Was 'Ideaz')
From: tim.hayward
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2001 15:14:14 GMT

No, hang about... I'm right up for it.

Let's start a whip round now for all those poor bastards who are going to
end up
cannon fodder in the .Com Wars in the next year.

I reckon a 20ft high sculpture rising from the ruins of 'The Foundry'. Laser
from pure silicon and looking something like that monumental bugger in
Russia -
The Factory Worker and the Collective Farm Girl. The plinth will be made
entirely of leased blueberry Imacs compressed into an enormous slab under
staggering heat and pressure. The male figure will be resplendent in an
Mullet, a grey outfit looking not unlike the paper jammies they give you
ECT and a kind of highly complex trainer/sandal combination that defies
definition anywhere outside of a Tokyo teenager's bedroom. He'll, of course,
standing next to a vintage BMX bike which, were he ever to actually ride it,
would make him look like one of Billy Smart's chimps.

His companion will have a Hoxton helmet, a sort of tabard like frock made of
pieces of thick felt cut to shape with round ended scissors and Copydexed
the edges (Joseph Beuys meets Blue Peter - Remember when Valerie used to say
will cost a fraction of what it would in the shops and it's every bit as
good' -
It was a lie then and it's a lie now) some species of knitted, striped
that are faintly redolent of leg irons and footwear of such abiding ugliness
that a mere glimpse can throw you right off your Miso Blackened Cod Fillet.

Both will gaze idealistically toward the City with a look that speaks an
enlightened combination of greed, ignorance, arrogance and naiivety.

She'll hold the symbolic keys of their leased office, leased loft, leased
TT whilst he carries aloft an everlasting flame in the form of a burning
of stock options

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  UKNM: Re: War Memorials (Was 'Ideaz'), Tim Ireland

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