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Subject: UKNM: RE:Ideaz
From: John Braithwaite
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2001 13:56:11 GMT

Richard Uttley wrote:

>The dot.com boom fell apart not through lack of creativity but through a
>lack of good business sense. Who's to say you couldn't make a business out
>of selling Tictacs online if it were done properly.

Then Terry Wrote:
Aren't you getting as little carried away here Richard with the Tictacs
example? I wouldn't take the marketing planning project myself.

In my view the reason the dotcom boom has stalled (it won't go away) is
that people don't really want to buy that way at the moment in sufficient
numbers. Plus, the whole thing was based on someone else's money.
Boringly simple.

JB writes:
Even though I don't agree with Richard, speaking from experience, I don't
agree with you either Terry. People are buying online in increasing numbers
and the growth rate is still very impressive, if a little less startling
than what was projected. Many didn't recognise that it would also be a
highly competitive space, many fell for the ridiculous 'future projections
without substance' or 'finger in the air' market analysis.

The point I was trying to make was that there are some products (like books
;-) that can be bought online as the customer doesn't necessarily need to
experience them first-hand in order to be confident in the product. There
are some items or service that are less conducive to being bought online
(like Tictacs). Websites are also very useful in starting the whole ball
rolling. I may have bought my flat through an estate agent after physically
visiting them - but I did all my research and 'legwork' online.

Realism has entered those working within the New Media environment, which is
good. But, unfortunately, investors, VCs etc. who didn't really ever
understand what the Internet was really about (so invested in dumb ideas)
are retreating, with their fingers burned and the technophobes are
celebrating 'because they knew it wouldn't work all along'...... whilst
those that were lucky enough to get funding/floatation/investment are
running away with the market.

I personally don't know whether to blame the VC sheep, their investors who
lusted for 'dot.com' stock or the freeloaders who had no business sense and
created business plans built on marshmallow foundations. There are now some
good companies going to the wall that, if investors had used common sense
rather than sheep-logic, would be very good enterprises in about 4-5 years
time. But who wants solid long-term stability in a get-rich-quick

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