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Subject: RE: [uk-netmarketing] Successful FMCG online marketing campaigns?
From: James Gordon-MacIntosh
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2001 12:35:09 -0000

Mad for this, which came across my desk today. If anyone out there knows who
put it together, please get in touch. A humble PR is sitting in awe at the
sheer silliness of it -- as well as the beautiful integration with
sponsorship and advertising, of course.


Fancy yourself as a bit of a armchair sportsman? Then you should try The
Heineken Peanut Challenge. Ok so you're no Jonah Lomu, but with a bit of
practice you could win some awesome prizes.


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From: Robbie Campbell [robbiecampbell_ukathotmail [dot] com (mailto:robbiecampbell_ukathotmail [dot] com)]
Sent: 19 January 2001 11:37
To: uk-netmarketing from chinwag
Subject: [uk-netmarketing] Successful FMCG online marketing campaigns?

Hello everyone. I'm writing an article on how FMCG brands are using the Web
to market themselves. To help me out (and to stimulate some discussion) I
wanted to know what people think (and yes, I don't mind receiving obvious
plugs from PRs etc, at least the case studies are genuine) are the most
successful examples of online marketing activity by bricks and mortar brands

(esp. FMCG)? Also, which are the sites out there, launched by FMCG brands,
which people think have succeeded (in terms of traffic and online
brand-awareness) and what type of PR / marketing activity was used to make
these a success? I want some success stories really on what works, no
negatives on what doesn't work as I think we've had enough of those (though
you can e-mail me at my address if you fancy a rant!)

Cheers, Rob

robbiecampbell_ukathotmail [dot] com

[Sam says: any obvious plugs direct to Robbie please...general info to the

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