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Subject: [uk-netmarketing] Spambot on the loose in the archives
From: Tim Ireland
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2001 09:08:25 -0000

I would guess that this twat has a spambot digging through the web looking
for pages that list a number of search engines and have an email address
(and/or a mailto command) adjacent.

> Hi!
> I have just visited your site
ml and liked
> it very much, especially your list of international search engines.
> Here is another search engine for your page:
> Multimeta: (http://www.multimeta.com/)

The post at the quoted URL isn't mine, but the content mentions at least 4
different search engines and has my email address in the "From: Tim Ireland"

I don't know how often this is going to happen, but I'd like to say the
following just in case:

Alta Vista, HotBot, Yahoo, Google, Lycos, Excite, Ask Jeeves.
spamrecycleatChooseYourMail [dot] com (mailto:spamrecycleatChooseYourMail [dot] com)

Tim Ireland
Director of Marketing

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