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Subject: RE: [uk-netmarketing] Spambot on the loose in the archives
From: Sam Michel
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2001 12:05:42 -0000

Hi Tim,

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Tim Ireland [timatdesignercity [dot] com (mailto:timatdesignercity [dot] com)]
> Sent: 22 January 2001 09:12
> To: uk-netmarketing from chinwag
> Subject: [uk-netmarketing] Spambot on the loose in the archives
> I would guess that this twat has a spambot digging through the web looking
> for pages that list a number of search engines and have an email address
> (and/or a mailto command) adjacent.

[spam snipped]

Unfortunately this has always been a problem for us, when putting up the
archives on the website. The system is configured so that none of the
posters details, aside from the name, are put onto the page. This doesn't
cover the contents of the message.

We're putting together a new archive system at the moment, which finally,
will include a decent search engine. Like they say in the Grolsch ads...you
can't rush these things...

In the meantime, if anyone is receiving spam from people that looks like
they're using archives here, we're happy to help fight it however we can.

Toodle Pip

Sam Michel, Chinwag - Internet Community
e: samatchinwag [dot] com http://www.chinwag.com
t: 0870 730 7313 f: 0870 730 7312

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