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Subject: Website gets shot down by rest of business SHOCK!!
From: John Braithwaite
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2001 10:29:29 -0000

Hi there

My baby is leaving me.... almost two years after I joined The Good Book
Guide, it has just been announced that the company is going into
receivership. If there's one thing that I have learned in the last 12 months
is that you cannot mess with the markets and that individual success isn't
necessarily enough. We've had some close shaves, we could have been a
contender... but we were also, unfortunately, B2C. No one wanted to invest
in us as a concept (after last March), so someone (or a few) are going to
swallow us instead.

Growth was good (about 10% a month) I was spending about 4 per recruited
customer and we had done some neat deals. In 12 months we had captured close
to 1% of the online book market.... but that wasn't enough - the site wasn't
supposed to support the rest of the company so early on and couldn't.

This list has been a welcome relief to the fire-fighting that has gone on in
the background. Sometimes you learn more from these kind of experiences than
you do when things are cruising. I'll be back on this list soon and look
forward to future tussles.


John B

P.S. If anyone is looking for a Marketing/Channel/Product Director/Manager
in their company with a wealth of online and offline marketing and project
management experience, then please send an email to
johnatthebraithwaites [dot] co [dot] uk or leave a message on 020 7603 3532. Or perhaps
you just want to tell me that you knew it all along..... ?!

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