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Subject: RE: [uk-netmarketing] Piece of string question
From: Anna Perrin
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2001 10:42:24 -0000

There is no question that to deliver better results, B2C players are going
to have to focus on delivering a better user experience. This does not have
to be rocket science. How about clearly marked checkout buttons and a clean
checkout process for a start? Buystream have been tracking this sort of
thing for B2C clients and the kind money being left on the table is
eye-popping. Their preliminary findings in this area indicated that between
53% and 66% of shoppers who actually begin the checkout process actually
complete a purchase. These people wanted to buy something but were prevented
by a poorly-designed checkout process.

Measurement - E-tailers have to start thinking more seriously about running
a business not a site. The two are radically different and demand completely
different measurement approaches. The problem, however, is that many
managers are applying site metrics - number of visitors, page views, etc. -
instead of business metrics. B2C players should also think more seriously
about the co-ordinated use of a number of measurement tools, such as
surveys. For example, is anyone really making efforts to measure customer

Anyone who would like any further information please contact me off list.

Anna Perrin
Flapjack Communications
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Subject: [uk-netmarketing] Piece of string question

Anyone have a rough rule-of-thumb guide or meaningful comparison for the
ratio of casual browsers to registered users on a site. I seem to remember
reading that Lastminute had 8 squillion visitors but only Ms Lane Fox's
grandmother once bought a return ticket to Cowes - or something like that.
Seriously (and for the benefit of LM's lawyers...) I need some idea for a
"typical" site (yes,yes, I know ... what does that mean) what a reasonable
conversion ratio would be.

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