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Subject: Strange!!
From: Simon Firth
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2001 13:02:09 -0000

Anyone else received this??

We are interested in utilizing your Web Design Services for a new web site
within the next few months. We located potential companies through two
separate web directories, so please forgive us if you are receiving this
message twice.
We are approaching you because we believe that you are an industry leader in
web site design. We are absolutely committed to having one of the best web
sites on the Internet, so please understand that we are looking for a web
design company that is established, has existing work that can be displayed,
and has a team of people to quickly and effectively accomplish the work
needed to be done.
We have created an information web site which will allow you to read about
the project, currently code-named "Project: Trinity". This web site is
accessible at the following URL:
The area that we are interested in is web design, however please feel free
to read about other areas of the project as well. A very important
qualification for the project (especially with our middle-tier and
database-tier development) is that you be familiar with the new Microsoft
.NET technologies, including ASP.NET, Web Forms, etc. Much of that
technology will be used in Project: Trinity.
Due to the high volume of companies desiring to participate in Project:
Trinity, we are asking that you evaluate the general description of the
project on the web site. Once you have evaluated this information, please
click on the "Submit Quote" button to indicate to us the areas you feel you
can offer your services to us, an estimated cost, and any additional
comments/questions you may have for us. One of our project team members will
get back to you within a few weeks to answer any questions you may have, as
well as let you know what areas, if any, we are going to use your services
in Project: Trinity.
Please remember that this is a high-budget project and we are seeking only
top-notch professionals. If you are interested, please go to the Project:
Trinity information web site and submit a quote to us. Otherwise, please
discard this message. Unfortunately, due to the high volume of companies
desiring to participate in Project: Trinity, we cannot reply to any direct
e-mails or telephone calls. Please ask all questions you may have when you
submit a quote to us.
Thank you and we look forward to doing business with you.
Project Team
Project: Trinity

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