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Subject: Wish I'd said that...not
From: David Hughes
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2001 15:40:59 -0000

LastMinute.com's pre-AGM promotional material carries an interview with
Martha Lane Fox.

As well as expanding into the interactive TV, mobile phone and personal
assistant markets they "have also launched a transactional voice platform,
which we believe to be a strategic breakthrough".

She doesn't mean an in-bound call centre, does she?

Whilst we're about it, did anybody see in last week's 'dotcom telegraph'
that Phil Miller of Toyzone said that e-tailers like his are enlisting a
more cautious approach with '"a greater focus on traditional business
success parameters". "We think he means "profits" '

Ooooh don't I sound like a cynical old git...

But seriously, aren't some people trying to over-complicate what is a
wonderfully innovative, creative industry; isn't the challenge to make what
we do sound elegant yet simple to the outside world, not contrived and
pretentious. It's no wonder that few tears are shed in the real world when
another Noo Mediah outfit bites the dust. Still, we can always pick up our
voice platform CtoC communication devices and find some more work.

Similar contributions from any other old cynics will be wearily appreciated

David "Young at heart really" Hughes
Group Account Director

E-Mail Vision (UK) Ltd
The Rotunda
42-43 Gloucester Crescent
London NW1 7DL
United Kingdom
Tel:020-7424 3120

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