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Subject: The Rules
From: Mat Morrison
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2001 20:13:48 -0000

Interesting opportunity to see who agrees with what, what offends your
sensibilities, and evangelise a little. Your comments will help me firm
up a little.

These are not all original, but (on the whole) those that aren't are
ignored. Some are merely significant guidelines.


Open systems, good; closed systems, bad

If you want to sell it, it should fit through the letterbox

Take the product to the customer, don't bring the customer to the product

Frames restrict access

Commercial communities aren't.

All splash screens are evil

The last thing people want is more websites.

What counts is traffic through your server, not traffic through your web

A website is just one way of letting people play with your information.

Online, brand is a function of utility

Interactive games aren't.

The online equivalent of space is time. Don't waste people's time.

Don't be big brother.

Our busines is people, not demographics

Mat Morrison | Head of Strategy | Tribal DDB London
+44 777 595 3165 | + 44 20 7483 7046

What is simple should be treated simply, what is
difficult should be reduced to the simplest terms
(Josef Muller-Brockman)

Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of my company.

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