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Subject: Re: [uk-netmarketing] RE: Row over crackdown on adoption websites
From: Lois Grayson
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2001 16:02:32 -0000

Ray wrote:

How many crimes are perpetrated with the
> aid of the telephone or the postal service? Does anyone call for the
> prosecution of the Highways Agency, BT or Royal Mail?
> What the Internet needs is to smarten up its image. There needs to be more
> co-operation with the police and less antagonism. There needs to be more
> focus on professional standards and customer service.

I agree Ray. But I'd add that Yahoo! did us all no favours by refusing to
drop the chatroom Ms Borderline sorry Vorderman was so vehement about - what
was it called now? Something really unwholesome like 'Young Girls who like
Older Men'. A 13 yr old girl was seduced by a listed paedophile. Not
surprising certainly but when something is so obviously ripe for abuse
(being on the extremely dubious side of the Net already) as this 'community'
Yahoo really should have known better in the first place; but they didn't so
they should have shown that they do give a hoot sometimes when it all blew
up. They can't monitor all chatrooms certainly but they could care a bit
more (even if it's just about their brand). I'm not saying content should be
policed - just that to grow the trust the net needs we need to get better at

As for Mandy, Ray........well getting him to spin the web a new image might
get us some FABULOUS parties darling (let's face it even Peter couldn't give
us a worse reputation right now) (poor sod)


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