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Subject: RE: [uk-netmarketing] The Rules
From: david burrows
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2001 16:14:19 -0000

Mentioning rules is always a provocative start to a post.

> Open systems, good; closed systems, bad

I can think of good and bad examples in both these categories. Open
systems allow mass collaboration in development. Closed systems allow a
coherence of vision, implementation and operation. Depends what your
needs are.

> If you want to sell it, it should fit through the letterbox

Or down the phoneline. Wasn't this supposed to be the age of moving
bits, not atoms?

> The last thing people want is more websites.

In the same way that the last thing people want is more
shops,magazines,books etc?
The last thing people want is more crap websites.

> What counts is traffic through your server, not traffic
> through your web
> site.

Does traffic count anymore? It's about the bottom line at the end of the
day, no matter how much traffic you have.

> Frames restrict access
> All splash screens are evil
> Interactive games aren't.

[Insert boilerplate of 'Bad Implementations do not imply Bad Ideas'
recurring mailing list meme and attach usual examples.]

Also, on the subject of games:

Average Cost of Playstation Game : 1-2 million
Average Development Time : 2 years

Average Cost of Web Based Game : 10-20 grand
Average Development Time : 1-2 months

Your not going to get 'Metal Gear Solid' in Flash - having said that
there's alot of good games out there, but they're usually not going to
play them again and again due to the lack of time to develop
playability. If on-line games are going to be useful marketing tools
etc. production values are going to have to increase considerably.

> Take the product to the customer, don't bring the customer to
> the product
> Commercial communities aren't.
> The online equivalent of space is time. Don't waste people's time.
> A website is just one way of letting people play with your
> information.
> Online, brand is a function of utility
> Don't be big brother.
> Our busines is people, not demographics



David Burrows

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