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Subject: Flash and traffic
From: Ian Fenn
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2001 02:01:08 -0000

At 00:00 26/01/2001 +0000, Jennifer Rigby <jennifer [dot] rigbyatbbc [dot] co [dot] uk> wrote:
>If you've got a website and the whole thing's done in Flash so there's only
>one URL then does a visit to the site constitute ONE hit, [snip]

Don't get me started...

What exactly is a hit? A call on the server? A unique visit? If I have one
more person ask me how many hits Chopstix gets I'll...

...I'll just smile sweetly as usual and ask them to clarify what they mean,
only to discover that they don't actually know.

Ian Fenn
Director, Chopstix Media Limited

P.S. Matt Logan, Where's that drink you owe me?

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