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Subject: UKNM: Online banks
From: darren
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2001 10:26:57 -0000

After noting a number of comments on this list regarding
online banks and similar services, I was fully prepared to
put my two pennies worth in and endorse Egg.

Sure, their servers were a bit slow, and someone had told
their designers that meaningless java-powered text-based
marketing messages that slow download and complicate the
log-on process, actually add to the user experience; but
you could get round that by creating a link in your
favourites direct to the log-in page.



Why oh why is it that companies don't do capacity and load
testing before they put a new site live!!!

For five days now it has been impossible to log on to my Egg
accounts, and although I get a message saying "We'd like to say
sorry. Some of our customers are experiencing intermittent technical
problems with our site", and "it's worth trying again, by hitting
the back button and re-inputting your security details" I've yet to
even see said form, as it keeps timing out.

The only thing that seems to work is the Flash on the front page!

Is it me, or are there a number of companies around at present that
seem to think that their online customer base is, dare I say it, expendable?

All this effort to catch the user's eye; interest them in brand values;
engage them in products and services; convert them into buyers;
then maintain and deepen the relationship to keep them as customers:
and in a moment of project management wet-dreaming, they're gone in a flash.

Maybe I should hit my refresh button instead, and move my account
elsewhere, because at the moment, Egg sucks!




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