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Subject: email disclaimers and flash monkeys
From: Lois Grayson
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2001 13:09:35 -0000

Pulling two threads together....

- Bitemymonkey.com is now in my favourites so thank you Tim
- sent out an insult from the random insult generator game and got asked out by recipient as a result - hang on i never get anywhere being nice to men, is the start of a new approach ?

- and the disclaimer that went with the insult i created is a good eg of how to cover your back and stay in keeping with your brand:

>"Monkeybone's Custom Insults are offered on Bitemymonkey.com for
>entertainment purposes only. Monkeybone can not be held responsible for
>their content, or for any unpleasant retaliatory action that may result."


Lois Grayson
07957 360880
0208 549 1166

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