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Subject: RE: [uk-netmarketing] Flash and hits
From: david burrows
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2001 12:17:19 -0000


> If you've got a website and the whole thing's done in Flash
> so there's only
> one URL then does a visit to the site constitute ONE hit,
> regardless of how
> much navigation?

It depends how the site is built. Most Flash sites use multiple movies
(if they care about load times, customer satisfaction, etc), either
loading them sequentially (simple) or loading them as layers above an
initial controlling movie (complex.)
If you have a separate movie for each section or even page of your site
you are going to get the equivalent number of page impressions (though
not the same number of hits as all the code and graphics will be in one

Do you know what tricks are used by people who
> a) like to make Flash sites
> b) like to be able to claims they've had lots and lots of
> visitors and/or
> hits

There are plenty of techniques to track Flash, either using the
primitive techniques outlined above or using code within Flash to
communicate each navigation event to the server.

The problem with most Flash sites is that they are built without
thinking about real business needs such as tracking etc. If tracking is
part of the initial specifications of a site (and the people building it
know what they're doing) then tracking the user within Flash sites can
be as effective as tracking them on a pure HTML site.

plug: My company has extensive experience in this area, both on Flash
sites and banner ads. If you need anymore information don't hesitate to
contact me.



David Burrows

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