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Subject: First Tuesday is alive and well
From: Alexandra Rowley
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2001 15:38:05 -0000

On Wednesday night, 24th January, First Tuesday hosted it's Wireless
Wednesday event at the fabulous venue of RIBA: The Royal Institute of
British Architecture. As usual this event was oversubscribed by 3 times its
capacity, demonstrating that the demand for these networking events has by
no means decreased. This was the first time Wireless Wednesday was held
globally, simultaneously in 20 cities, and in partnership with wireless
giant, Ericsson.

It seems to be the case that the new economy market place is moving away
from the direct need for seed and first round funding. First Tuesday is now
reflecting this shift in the market's needs, by focusing on cutting edge
content from the new economy, and, more specifically cutting edge wireless
applications in the case of last night's event (eg. 3G & GPRS).

Subscription and membership is as high as ever for First Tuesday. With the
current state of the market place in mind, First Tuesday's events are no
longer only targeted at the dotcom wannabies. Last night's Global Wireless
Wednesday attracted industry leaders from bricks and mortar companies, such
as: Tesco, Ford, BT, Orange, Vodafone, and high level VC's from Merrill

Most importantly, the notion of a "Last Tuesday" is pure fiction, as
Wednesday and upcoming events will demonstrate. First Tuesday will also be
tailoring different and new events in the future, to reflect the shift and
demand within the industry.

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