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Subject: RE: [uk-netmarketing] Re: Flash and hits
From: Rajesh Redij-Gill
Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2001 10:26:57 -0000

There are different approaches to this and what works for me is simply to
have the Flash event / section that needs to be tracked make a Flash action
call [Load Variable] from different empty text files. If your Flash site has
3 sections then you can have section1.txt and so on. Once you have that just
track the number of calls to the text files.

Contact me off list for sample files or a more detailed explanation.


Rajesh Redij-Gill

[Sam says: I think the technical side of this is well and truly covered for uknm, if you need more techie flash help check out the flasher list:

t: 01784 211 524 / 01784 465 574
m: 07974 917 885
e: rajatclayduck [dot] com

>>On Thu, 25 Jan 2001, Jennifer Rigby wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> I wonder if anyone can help with this one,
>>> If you've got a website and the whole thing's done in Flash so
>>there's only
>>> one URL then does a visit to the site constitute ONE hit,
>>regardless of how
>>> much navigation? Do you know what tricks are used by people who
>>> a) like to make Flash sites
>>> b) like to be able to claims they've had lots and lots of
>>visitors and/or
>>> hits
>>> Thanks,
>>> Jennifer

  Re: [uk-netmarketing] Flash and hits, Sam Carrington

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