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Subject: RE: Online scratch cards
From: salinka
Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2001 19:56:19 -0000

it seems to me you need to define your promotion goals. what are you trying
to achieve? awareness? email acquisition via opt ins? branding? or just
give away loot?

i think you can implement online scratch cards within a banner using
enliven. i've seen it done before on this side of the pond. a new product
on the market is a company called targetnet (http://www.targetnet.com) as
well. their site's a bit flat but i had them in yesterday for a demo.
essentially you can create an expandable banner (like bluestreak &
enliven), capture data & track movements. i haven't tested it per se as
it's a new product.

if you can create the campaign in house & implement a banner version of a
scratch card, i would use a third party tool like enliven, bluestreak or

if you are looking into doing an onsite promotion than maybe using
matchlogic or doubleclick or even some of the other vendors mentioned here.
the upside of using a sweepstakes/promotion engine is that they take care
of all the pesky legalities & privacy issues. these can be costly. in some
cases, the prizes are pooled. so your client's cost to start a promotion is
minimal. some of these companies will actually create the promotion for you
using your creative.

there are some great rich email products as well you can look into which
might suit your purposes. check out tmx interactive
(http://www.tmxinteractive.com) & togglemail (http://www.togglethis.com).
they stream flash based creatives with customer acquisition capabilities
within an email. there's also the ability to "tell a friend" & track the
forwards & interactions. personally i've used TMX recently and had some
great results. we showed that each email was opened a total of 3.5 times.
the only down side was their base line use of flash 3. as we knew our
audience were mostly tech savvy, we upped it to flash 4. toggle mail seems
to be similar with a cleaner HTML option.

maybe i'm rambling here....but from what i could gather from the
question...online can mean anything today. on a side note, i went to check
out SCA's site in the US. seems to me the product is based on shockwave &
is pretty heavy on the download. why aren't they using Flash? at least
there you solve the Mac user issue by avoiding a Java based product like
some of the options i noted above?

just my 2-cents. :)

sally krumholz
senior producer
mezzina brown interactive
new york

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