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Subject: Re: [uk-netmarketing] fall of the dotcoms?
From: David Cabrera
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2001 16:31:28 -0000


For reasons of balance will you be producing similar programmes on other
industries that also suffer from examples of mismanagement, long hours and
even personal safety issues (railways, NHS, army, bar staff and accountancy
are some examples) or are you going to follow the journalistic herds and
produce a programme which claims that these issues (and some are valid) are
only found in dotcoms.

Similarly will your programme talk about the expected boom in e-commerce -
researchers are forecasting a 12bn market in the UK by 2005 - or will you
just focus on the founders of Boo?

One reason why traditional media are anti the internet (as they still are
with DM) is that both are major threats to their revenues. DM switches ad
budgets from TV and print, whilst the web reduces TV audiences and newspaper
sales so ad revenues fall even further.

Finally Kevin before you go home to your greenhouse tonight, please consider
the hours journalists, researchers and production staff work and whether you
are all employed by farsighted, responsible and caring employers like
Murdoch, Dyke, Black, Green and Desmond because there has to be a reason why
morale at the BBC is at an all time low.

Yours in the interest of free and balanced speeched

David Cabrera

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Subject: [uk-netmarketing] fall of the dotcoms?

> Have you worked for a dotcom in the past two years? If so we're looking to
> see how the experience affected you.
> Did you go to work with a dotcom because you were enticed by the idea of
> working in a new sector that appeared exciting and dare we say it sexy.
> you maybe think that you were going to get rich quick?
> We're looking to hear about your experiences for a television programme we
> are making. No television experience is required - it's the stories you
> tell us that we're interested in hearing.
> Were you working for a company who had the plug pulled on them by
> and cut throat Venture Capitalists?
> Were you working for a company that was set up by a group of friends who
> a great idea but unfortunately no business skills whatsoever?
> Were you working for a company that clearly had a ludicrous business plan?
> Did you end up working 20 hour days all for nothing/ or for ungrateful
> CEO's?
> Was it glamorous or was it just a hard slog?

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  fall of the dotcoms?, Kevin

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