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Subject: RE: [uk-netmarketing] Re: Piece of string question
From: Anna Perrin
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2001 16:48:24 -0000

Tom wrote:
So let's get this straight - Buystream will only tell you about "real"
purchasers, (not people trying out the site, or whatever) but will tell you
HOW TO FIX EVERYTHING! Excellent! Well, that's all the design agencies
finished, then! We'll just shut up shop and go home.

You obviously misunderstand what Buystream do. Anyone with New Media
knowledge knows that a web design agency is the first point of contact for
building a site. Then, once your site is up and running, Buystream's
software analyses and reports on visitor behaviour. E-tailers can even
customise and create reports from visitor data that are specific to their
individual business needs. These reports not only show up potential
roadblocks on a site, but offer raw visitor data for targeted marketing
campaigns. For example, an e-tailer can determine which of their in store
promotions is driving sales of higher-margin products among repeat visitors.
Similarly offline stores consult designers, merchandisers, logistics
experts, the list goes on. Shouldn't the same philosophy be applied to an
e-commerce site? Don't forget, you're building more than a site, you're
building a business. Buystream's software is another integral facet of the
sales process and should be seen as a business tool. As a web designer you
have no reason to take such an aggressive tone - this software is
designed to work with and not against the creative process, what are you
suggesting? That on its own a design agency can increase a site's e-commerce

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