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Subject: Re: [uk-netmarketing] direct mailing lists
From: salinka
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 13:46:33 -0000

i would try the direct marketing association in the UK. we have the sister
organization here and they can assist in providing you with a list of list
brokers that adhere to their rules.


of course, i'm sure there might be some companies named in the list but i
have found them to be a great resource here.

sally krumholz
senior producer
mezzina brown interactive - new york

At 12:26 PM 1/30/01 +0000, you wrote:
>I'm after the impossible - or so I believe. Does anyone know where I can buy
>into a DM list of companies that have over 50 employees using email
>(therefore old fashioned snail mail detail, not email addresses).
>Any advice appreciated - thanks - Amanda
>Amanda Simmons
>T: 020 8735 5290
>F: 020 8735 5291
>E-mail: amandaatpvcpr [dot] com
>The information contained in this email is confidential and is intended
>solely for the use of the named addressee. Access, copying or re-use of the
>information in it by any other person is not authorised. The internet is not
>a secure transmission medium and therefore the content of this email may
>have been changed without the consent of the originator.
>If you are not the intended recipient please telephone our helpdesk
>immediately on +44 (0)20 8735 5290

  direct mailing lists, Amanda

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