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Subject: RE: [uk-netmarketing] Re: fall of the dotcoms?
From: Gary Pharo
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 14:35:37 -0000


A quick trip to Companies House will soon confirm for you that the
percentage of failed dotcoms is a very small percentage of the overall
business failures month on month, so how about highlighting that? Why dwell
on the negative side of a business that is having such a massive positive
impact on the way that we live and work, from communication, to information,
medical advice to buying a house.

You need look no farther than your own web-site to realise that without the
internet, you and the 39 other people your company employ's would be looking
for a job, so please, practise what you preach on your website and to quote
from your mission statement "bring together the skills of award winning
television and online media"

A positive programme would be so refreshing, you might even win an award ;o)


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> Subject: [uk-netmarketing] fall of the dotcoms?
> > Have you worked for a dotcom in the past two years? If so we're
> looking to
> > see how the experience affected you.
> > Did you go to work with a dotcom because you were enticed by the idea of
> > working in a new sector that appeared exciting and dare we say it sexy.
> Did
> > you maybe think that you were going to get rich quick?
> >
> > We're looking to hear about your experiences for a television
> programme we
> > are making. No television experience is required - it's the stories you
> can
> > tell us that we're interested in hearing.
> >
> > Were you working for a company who had the plug pulled on them by
> impatient
> > and cut throat Venture Capitalists?
> > Were you working for a company that was set up by a group of friends who
> had
> > a great idea but unfortunately no business skills whatsoever?
> > Were you working for a company that clearly had a ludicrous
> business plan?
> > Did you end up working 20 hour days all for nothing/ or for ungrateful
> > CEO's?
> > Was it glamorous or was it just a hard slog?

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  Re: [uk-netmarketing] fall of the dotcom, Lois Grayson

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