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Subject: Online Scratch Cards
From: Phil Cronin
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 00:11:29 -0000

From: Phil Cronin Managing Director tombola ltd

In response to some comments regarding the way tombola scratch game winners
are generated.

There is a role for both ways of delivering winners, seeded winners as we
tend to use, or probability based games where players make their own
choices. Ultimately the player will determine the value of these games by
how much is paid out in prizes and whether they have had fun in playing even
if they don't win. They will tend to judge 5 seeded winners out of 1,000 in
a similar way to a game where the odds of picking winning numbers is still 5
out of 1,000.

Our approach on tombola and our advice to our clients such as
virginradio.co.uk, sports.com, vavo.com and lycos.co.uk, has been to
guarantee to pay a fixed amount in prizes every week (currently 20,000 on
tombola.com) and work hard to build on the game's integrity by promoting
winners at every opportunity and giving good customer service. This
approach is backed up by 15 years experience in producing promotional games
for offline clients such as The Sun, Channel 4, McDonalds, Procter & Gamble
etc. It appears to be working with a recent report in Marketing by Media
Metrix, ranking tombola.com as the 5th stickiest site in the UK in terms of
pages viewed per visitor per month.

I'd be happy to answer any further questions about the way in which our
games are put together.

Phil Cronin
0191 564 2255

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