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Subject: RE: [uk-netmarketing] RE: fall of the dotcoms?
From: tim parkin
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 10:55:45 -0000

OK, It was a knee jerk reaction to a probably ill considered post. This
would make a great TV programme if only to point out to the masses of people
trying to join the industry that the internet streets aren't all paved in
gold, that theres a fair bit of blood and guts sloshing around in the

However, with the stock exchange being led by the smallest runour, the
demise of a lot of these companies has been the result of a self fulfilling
prophecy. You know the one. It's the old NME backlash to use a parralel.
Build em up to knock em down. But theres no Editor in charge. The first
rumour sets off another rumour which sets of a worry about stability which
decreases funding which causes a company to crash which makes the new which
worrys other people which devalues tech stock which causes people to write
television programmes which worries the general investor which reduces
investment in all internet stock which causes a crash. The whole of the
stock market is the butterfly effect in action.

This is why people get worked up about bad press. It's our lives thats why.

Theres no bullshit in that. I'm quite happy to talk about the problems of
the Internet industry, just want to talk to people who havent' written the
plot yet. People who want to research the matter first.


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Subject: [uk-netmarketing] RE: fall of the dotcoms?

On this TV programme, in defense of Kevin:

1. Does anyone here seriously believe that the apocalyptic reversal
of fortune the dotcom world has just gone through (and will continue
to go through) is *not* worthy of a TV programme?

2. Is anyone so self-deluding as to believe that this really is
'business as usual', that it's just sorting out the sheep from the
goats, that it'll all be over by Christmas, that any other business
sector has ever experienced such a punishing crash, so much real
personal misery?

3. Are you seriously telling me that you don't recognise *any* of the
characters in Kevin's email - the opportunists, the shysters, the
naifs, the incompetents - or that you have never been shafted,
misled, over-ambitious, over-worked, under-paid or frightened to
death at any point in your new media career?

4. Has everyone totally lost their sense of humour? Is this really
just another dull-as-ditchwater industry not even worthy of a
sensational TV programme? Come on, guys! This business used to be fun
and spontaneous and no-bullshit. When did we all become our dads and
start suggesting trips to Companies House?


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