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Subject: Re: uk-netmarketing digest: January 30, 2001
From: Tom
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 10:49:34 -0000

>A designer can be the DB's creatively but if they don't know which groups
>visit a site, why they visit, what they purchase, how they came to the
>which promotional offers they respond to or ignored, etc, etc, etc, the
>designer will be as much use as a sailor who can't navigate i.e. you know
>your destination, you have a vague idea of your current position and you
>need clear skys because using the sun is your only prayer. Whereas a
>navigator who can't hoist a sail...

Dave, I've never come across any designers that follow the extraordinary
development path you have so interestingly outlined above. You've clearly
had significant experience of such amateurs?

Tom Dussek

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