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Subject: RE: UKNM: Real Names
From: Ben Thompson
Date: Mon, 8 Jun 1998 13:34:28 +0100

There is also the problem of the "lack of" success of the Real Names system
(which I am not and cannot comment on), the fact that Netscape wants to make
money out of its portal and the problem of the Networds patent which stands
a damnsight better chance of sticking then the Wang Bookmarks patent
(although I do not have the full details to hand).

Meanwhile there is all out war over at the Adult sites with 3 other systems
battling for the porn dollars. Personally I like the QuickJump.com
(http://www.quickjump.com) system (mainly because they paid me to write some



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> Beverley
> Sent: 05 June 1998 16:40
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> Subject: Re: UKNM: Real Names
> So far Netscape is _not_ using RealNames in the 'smart browser'
> initiative for v5. However, it is fast turning into a 'will they/won't
> they' guessing game. Certainly centraal is making public overtures that
> Netscape 'will', and while Netscape might suggest they have their own
> system, they never quite gets as far as saying as much (all the talk is
> of a 'new concept', rather than a new system).
> Centraal press release June 1st....
> > June 1, 1998
> > centraal corporation, developer of the Real Name System (sm),
> > responded enthusiastically today to Netscape Communications'
> > announcement of it's "smart browser" initiative.
> > "It is clear that Netscape's announcement of the Smart Browser
> > service, using internet keywords, has opened up an important space
> > beyond the URL. We are confident that Internet users will welcome
> > the ability to type familiar words and phrases in place of an
> > unfamiliar computer string," said centraal CEO Keith Teare.
> > "Navigation will forever be simpler."
> > "In addressing the need for simplified navigation Netscape has
> > opened up an enormous opportunity for centraal and the Real Name
> > System. We are positioned to enable future improvements in smart

> > browsing. The next few months will, as always, be very interesting
> > ones for the Internet, Netscape and centraal."
> Netscape press release June 1st.....
> >Netscape Unveils 'Smart Browsing' a Fast and Easy
> >Way for Millions of Internet Users to Find Information
> >and Navigate the Net
> [edited all the dross....]
> <snip>
> >Internet Keywords, which will allow users to access Web sites using
> >regular words, or simple "keywords," that can be typed into the
> >Netscape Navigator location bar. This function does not replace the
> >standard Web address, but will provide users with a shortcut by not
> >requiring them to know the Web address of a Web site that interests
> >them. For example, a Netscape Communicator user may want to find
> >information about classical music or the Volkswagen Beetle.
> >With Internet Keywords, the user simply types "classical music" or
> >"vw beetle" into the Navigator location bar and the user is seamlessly
> >taken to the site that represents the closest match. In cases where the
> >keyword is a common topic, such as "cars," the user will be redirected
> >to one of the Netscape or Excite co-branded channels, a collection of
> >Web content related to a popular category.
> >In some cases, the user will be taken directly to the site of the
> >product, service or company; in other cases, where there is no clear
> >match, the request will be redirected to Netscape Net Search for a
> >standard search on the word.
> </snip>
> Ben Thompson wrote:
> >
> > Nabil,
> >
> > Not that I doubt you but who is your source, the statement I got (to the
> > contrary) was from Netscape direct. Also it might be worth
> mentioning that a
> > separate firm called Networds claims to hold a patent on the
> entire concept.
> >
> > yours,
> >
> > Ben
> >
> > > Actually, Netscape is incorporating Real Names into 5, not it's own
> > > system.
> > >
> > > Nabil

  Re: UKNM: Real Names, Jon Beverley

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