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Subject: UKNM: Content dethroned? (was pink)
From: Jim Sterne
Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1998 12:38:43 +0100

At 05:20 PM 6/22/98 +0100, Mark Curtis wrote:
>Perhaps the core learning was that we spent weeks before launch filling the
>service with great and relevant content ("content is king" went the mantra),
>and sure,,much of it was read. But the thing gay men really wanted to do was
>meet and talk to each other on-line via chat and threaded discussions. And
>that's where the action was.

I've just come across an article here in the states
that struck a nerve. "Content is King" is being replaced
by "Transactions are God". Transactional content is the
holiest of holies.

People can get plenty of content the way the like it:
on dead trees. But getting something accomplished, looking
up some information, buying something, or (the transactional
content) getting the score/stock price, seem to be the
big drawing cards.

Is it me, or does it feel like people don't want to use
the telephone to get radio broadcasts? Doesn't it seem that
people go online to communicate and transact, rather than
consume content? Acquire it, maybe, but not consume...

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