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Subject: RE: UKNM: Hotmail
From: Anil Pillai
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 1998 10:35:26 +0100

Maybe you should check Hotmail's shadow Nightmail at

http://www.nightmail.com for ideas along this line!


Anil Pillai
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> Subject: UKNM: Hotmail
> Freddy;
> When Microsoft bought Hotmail for a zillion dollars during XMas '98, it
> wasn't so Bill could have his own free Web-based email account. They
> wanted the users to 1) flog Microsoft products to, 2) say they have the
> World's largest Web-based email service, 3) direct users to the MSN
> community, 4) make $$$$ from ad sales.
> We knew that sooner or later the Microsoft/Hotmail monster was going to
> raise its ugly head in Europe, attempt to bully or gobble-up similar UK
> and
> European companies (buy 'em or stomp on 'em) and flex American muscles. I
> though it would be in July or August...well...if you read the Evening
> Standard yesterday, you must have seen the super duper big Hotmail ad...
> Now, we all can conclude that 'hotmail' can also be confused for
> 'hotMALE',
> so in a fit of paranoia by Microsoft, the ad showed a close to naked babe
> posing suggestively with the caption:
> 'the_web_babe@hotmail'...hmmmm...yes,
> sex does sell, and sell well, especially on the 'net...but for email??? I
> showed the ad to me mum and sister...they thought it was a cybersex
> service...basically, the ad was quite insulting to women.
> Using sex to sell a service is nothing new in the states, I wonder how it
> will go over here. Obviously the target of the ad is the 18-35 year old
> bloke (the ad was in the footie section...obviously)...my problem is that
> we have excellent homegrown Internet services...should we succumb to this
> American BS or should we band together and fight back...but how???
> Manou Marzban
> BiblioTech

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