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Subject: Re: UKNM: Advertising A Website?
From: Mick Cunningham
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 1998 15:59:39 GMT

>Glen Collins wrote: >> >> Was anyone else surprised to see 'topjobs' advertising their website on >> Channel 4 at the weekend? >> >> It's the first time that I have seen a TV advert dedicated purely to >> advertising a website, and I would really question the logic behind it. >> (Unless there is some link with Channel 4 and the site?) >> >> I do not know the actual figures involved, but my gut feeling is that >> they would have been much better off investing the money into a balanced >> online marketing campaign. >> >> What does anyone else think about this?
I know this issue is slighly dead now but having been away on holiday I still thought I'd share my knowledge of this campaign.
Top Jobs TV campaign is 100 spots over a three week period on Channel 4 and RTE. It is a co-funded and joint-branded venture with Dell, Cellnet, Standard Life, NatWest and Siemens. One of the campaign's aims is to build the Top Jobs brand but it is primarily part of an integrated recruitment advertising package they are offering to clients. Their selling proposition is not to sell individual adverts but to sell a subscription to their service for a year with the aim of building an integrated recruitment campaign. Top Jobs are using TV for reach - their target audience is ABC1s - and the Net for targeting, delivering specific candidates to specific employers.
This is understandable as we all know there is a shortfall in good, experienced technical staff the UK.
Top Jobs are big believers in convergence and see Digital TV as a major route to market in the not-too-distant future. They see themselves as eventually owning a "Job Channel" and see this TV campaign as the start of the marriage between the two media. Top Jobs and Channel 4 have got together to offer the designated advertisers a cheap TV recruitment presence with a direct response element, cutting out traditional recruitment media players i.e. print media. It also appears this maybe the first tentative step toward creating a "Jobs Channel", perhaps on Channel 4s forthcoming Digital Terrestrial TV service ?

>From what I can see they obviously have a strategy, belief in digital media and belief in their product. Good luck to them.
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