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Subject: UKNM: WIN A HOLIDAY!!!!!
From: Mat Morrison
Date: Mon, 16 Mar 1998 18:20:17 GMT

Please tell me that this is an obscure joke. I can't believe that you
fell for this, Dom. It's been around for years.

You cannot catch an email virus

On the other hand, anything offering you a holiday is spam (sudden
horrible thought -- what if it isn't? What if all those envelopes "You
could already have won 1,000,000" were true? Damn my cynicism)

For more on this, Dom, please see
Mat Morrison
BMP interAction
morrisonmateasynet [dot] co [dot] uk (mat_morrisonatbigfoot [dot] com)

-----Original Message-----
From: Dom [SMTP:domattmsi [dot] co [dot] uk]
Sent: 11 March 1998 17:29
To: uk-netmarketingatchinwag [dot] com
Subject: Re: UKNM: this may be a false alarm, but....

I would hate to hear of any disasters, so heres the forward...

I am not sure even if the claims below are technically possible (call to the
techies!?) and apologies to anyone who this may offend - but better to be
safe than sorry, eh?

i just thought, wouldnt an alert such as this be a great way of distributing
a virus?

>Subject: Fw: Virus notice . Be alert.
>FYI,VIRUS WARNING !!!!!!If you receive an email titled "WIN A HOLIDAY"
>DO NOT open it.It will erase everything on your hard drive. Forward
>this letter out to as many people as you can. This is a new, very
>malicious virus and not many people know about it. This information was
>announced yesterday morning from Microsoft; please share it with
>everyone that might access the internet. Once again, pass this along to
>EVERYONE in our address book so that this may be stopped. Also, do not
>open or even look at any mail that says "RETURNED OR UNABLE TO DELIVER"
>This virus will attach itself to your computer components and render
>them useless.
>Immediately delete any mail items that say this. AOL has said that this
>is a very dangerous virus and that there is NO remedy for it at this
>time. Please practice cautionary measures and forward this to all your
>online friends = ASAP.

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