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Subject: Re: UKNM: Latency
From: Ross Sleight
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 1998 18:15:23 GMT

James Tarin wrote:

> What about creating email viruses (i.e. messages or memes that get
> forwarded) which are actually valuable rather than timewasting or
> destructive. These entities could be regarded as symbiotic as opposed to
> parasitic (the hosts being the senders and recipients of the mails).
> Can these entities not be used as powerful marketing tools (given the
> incredible reach that they have and their speed of replication)?

Mmmmm...I seem to remember a good story about this one once. The
Interactive guy at a book publisher was creating an e-mail marketing
campaign for an interactive novel online (something about a Russian
Astronaut being killed and his daughter contacting you for information,
leading you onto an interactive novel adventure played over a period of
time). Anyway, despite my lack of memory (answers on a postcard to the
normal address for reasons why my memory is so bad pls.), they created a
spoof of the good times virus telling individuals to go to the site
where the novel was.

What I do remember clearly was all hell broke loose as the large
organisations sent out major virus alerts, Dr Solomans got on the case
etc., and when said book publisher realised that they had thrown areas
of the Net into panic, they sent out another e-mail telling users it was
a spoof, and had the Net community turn on them with <Samuel Jackson
style> furious thunder....</Samuel Jackson style>.

So I think that e-mail 'virus' ideas could be misinterpreted, but I
would love to know if anyone can remember any details from this sketchy
episode of about three years back.....


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