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Subject: UKNM: Wildfire Meme Marketing
From: Steve Johnston
Date: Thu, 19 Mar 1998 11:08:46 GMT

Make it so James, create a NetMarketing meme, forge something for our
collective consciousness. Perhaps we should all have a go.

I believe it is very possible for groups of people-like-me to collectively
delude themselves at the behest of some smart marketer. The difference over
broadcast marketing memes is that the online community perpetuates and
enhances the message until it becomes indistinguishable from commonly
accepted wisdom.

Of course we wouldn't be susceptible to such a scheme. As a group of
streetwise digerati we are far to smart.

Or are we?


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On 18/03/98, at 12:40, James Tarin wrote:

>>I fully agree with the sentiment coming from both yourself and Sam, that its
>>time to move on to something else... Again may I thank all of you for the
>>advice. I must have been very lucky not to have encountered many of these
>>viruses before, as in the four or so years I have been using the net, this
>>may well be the first...
>How about rather than killing the thread we actually make it more
>What about creating email viruses (i.e. messages or memes that get
>forwarded) which are actually valuable rather than timewasting or
>destructive. These entities could be regarded as symbiotic as opposed to
>parasitic (the hosts being the senders and recipients of the mails).
>Can these entities not be used as powerful marketing tools (given the
>incredible reach that they have and their speed of replication)?
>My feeling is that they can, and they would spread quickly in focused
>communities with a common interest if they conferred some benefit.

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