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Subject: Re: UKNM: Latency
From: kevin moss
Date: Thu, 19 Mar 1998 14:17:40 GMT

This rang bells too. Though my memory is pretty sketch, bookmarks are great
things :)


>James Tarin wrote:
>Mmmmm...I seem to remember a good story about this one once. The
>Interactive guy at a book publisher was creating an e-mail marketing
>campaign for an interactive novel online (something about a Russian
>Astronaut being killed and his daughter contacting you for information,
>leading you onto an interactive novel adventure played over a period of
>time). Anyway, despite my lack of memory (answers on a postcard to the
>normal address for reasons why my memory is so bad pls.), they created a
>spoof of the good times virus telling individuals to go to the site
>where the novel was.
>What I do remember clearly was all hell broke loose as the large
>organisations sent out major virus alerts, Dr Solomans got on the case
>etc., and when said book publisher realised that they had thrown areas
>of the Net into panic, they sent out another e-mail telling users it was
>a spoof, and had the Net community turn on them with <Samuel Jackson
>style> furious thunder....</Samuel Jackson style>.
>So I think that e-mail 'virus' ideas could be misinterpreted, but I
>would love to know if anyone can remember any details from this sketchy
>episode of about three years back.....

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