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Subject: Re: UKNM: " lack of faith in the Internet as a brand-buildin
From: RHS Linux User
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 1998 18:37:20 GMT


I'd like to pick up on point three here. I think that approach to DTV
will fundamentally fall over for two reasons:

1. Web pages are designed for consumption off a screen fourteen inches away
from the end user as opposed to fourteen feet away with a TV. The level of
complexity in interactivity will have to be greatly reduced, and screen design
will change to accomodate this.

2. In a medium which has passive reception of information at its core,
interactivety will need to be kept simple and direct. This will permeate not
only through design, but in the offers themselves.

Kevin Mason
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Subject: UKNM: " lack of faith in the Internet as a brand-building to
Author: uk-netmarketingatchinwag [dot] com at Internet
Date: 19/03/98 19:22

I would like to hear any comments to the article in last issue
of Campaign (p. 18) about the American web market "Cutbacks
force a Web rethink". I don't want to discuss about negative trends and
shake out. We did this already on the list.

But rather that the article starts with

" ... lack of faith in the Internet as a brand-building tool ... "

I'd like to play the devil's advocate - how would you react to these points
view ..based on some of the people I'm currently dealing with ;-)

1) Will the web form part of integrated communications for a FMCG brand,
but one that is really unimportant because it does not reach its most
interesting target groups? They watch television.

2) We need standardisation, but doesn't this block out innovation? Banners may
be easy to sell and clients understand them but the model is too close to print
advertising, where awareness rates are coming under increased scrutiny.
(E.g. GM is declining its print ad spending because it is not efficient enough )
Where are the new advertising models on the web?

3) Should a brand owner wait until interactive TV kicks off. Then he can easily

integrate the web in his interactive TV advertising campaign.

What are the real strengths for branding on the Internet today?

Andreas Walde
Axcess Media
0171 384 3565

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