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Subject: UKNM: Request of help to build a proposal
From: M. G. Ponte
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 1998 18:34:16 GMT

Hi all,

We have a proposal to make to a big organisation for a Web site that is
aimed at the same time to the Industry and to the public (in 2 separate

I plan propose to spend half of the budget (20 k.) in marketing the site
and the other in building the site.

The organisation is quite formal (public body). It will help me a lot if
some one can send me a sample of a (successful ?) proposal that you have
presented in the past (you can remove any information that you consider

It is more the form that the content that I'am interested in.

#The goal, target audience and main sections of the site have been defined
by the client, but for obvious reasons I can not make them public.

Thank for your help.

Mauricio G.

Hope this is an acceptable posting, as I have read the list in the past 2-3
months but I have not seen request like mine.

[Moderator's note: Fine with me, although I'd be impressed/surprised if anyone is very forthcoming with this information. Generally I would expect this to be regarded as highly confidential for anyone's business. Personally, I find it fascinating to see other proposals, or should I say, very educational!]
M. Garcia Home +44 171 835 2278
61 Warwick Rd., Mobile +44 0973.397 003

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