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Subject: RE: UKNM: " lack of faith in the Internet as a brand-building tool "
From: Paul Durrant
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 1998 18:28:50 GMT

Great we're off benign viruses or are they a species of spam?

Come to think of it are banners spam really? After all they fit most of the criteria:

- I didn't ask for them,
- they don't name the origator
- they spread some myth
- they get in the way of what I'm trying to do
- and they sure slow those pages coming in
(My ISP claims 28.8K, my ass, it usually crawls at about 9.6K or worse)

(Sorry, I couldn't resist, it must be a virus that causes people to post
about viruses even when what they intended to talk about was....... )

>>" ... lack of faith in the Internet as a brand-building tool ... "

Andreas' raised a good topic, we all assume that advertising on the web
works similarly to print. I doubt it. But I still have faith that it
can build brand awareness.

What we need are some good unbiased studies IN EUROPE. We base too much on what is found in the United States. We have totally different cultures. Do we react similarly?

I'd like to see unbiased research, good topic for co-ordinated Marketing Masters in some business colleges?

>> 1) Will the web form part of integrated communications for a FMCG brand,
>> but one that is really unimportant because it does not reach its most
>> interesting target groups? ***They watch television*****
>> 3) Should a brand owner wait until interactive TV kicks off. Then he can
>> easily integrate the web in his interactive TV advertising campaign.

Combine these two. Then imagine the wonderful future. Advert appears on TV. Press "Gotchya" button on remote control. Embedded link to web kicks off applet that programs this brand into the appropriate category button on your remote control. Now couch potato can press buttons on his remote control "Beer", "Crisps" and gets the very one delivered to the door.

Yeah that may work!

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