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Subject: Re: UKNM: " lack of faith in the Internet as a brand-building
From: Ben Thompson
Date: Fri, 27 Mar 1998 15:15:13 GMT

Concerning Kevin's points:-

It does very much depend. No one I know working on DTV assumes that HTML is
the perfect solution to the problem and in fact most of the systems being
tested use MHEG rather than HTML for displaying. (Oh, and MHEG can probably
be classified as the worst formatting system of all time. Especially while
there are no tools capable of outputting the UK format. (A quick
competition, guess what I've spent the last week writing?)).

However, HTML might not be so dead. WebTv is doing well in the states,
currently it is the third most successful consumer launch of all time
(behind PalmPilot and DVD but above CD and VHS) and the BIB format allows
for the converting of WWW pages to the TV set. (Although as the current
remote control design is no different to a standard TV remote I will love to
see how it works).

The problem is that most STB boxes won't include HTML access and there is
only a limited amount of stuff I can connect to a TV. At most TVs have two
Scart sockets and with a DVD player connected to one the STB has to be
connected to the other leaving both you Playstation and WebTV box out cold.

The initial DTV systems are merely adding a posh form of teletext with a
couple of enhancements to the system. This might not seem much, but for most
of the advertisers I speak to, this, along with the instant gratification it
can provide is more than enough.



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