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Subject: Re: UKNM: Northern Lights to be Used for Advertising
From: Steve Bowbrick
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 1998 12:10:13 +0100

This is ridiculous. Obviously not possible. Some kind of scam.

Meanwhile, did you see the announcement last week of a breakthrough in
matter transfer over TCP/IP? There's an RFC describing a new protocol -
SMTP (Solid Matter Transfer Protocol - apparently there's some problem with
the name), USRobotics' AtomBlaster modem is in late testing, Cisco have a
matter router in the works and Bill Gates was quoted as saying "we think
matter will be the big driver in the next decade. Bits are dead. It's time
for the atoms to make their long-delayed comeback. Long live stuff!"


At 11:29 25/03/98 -0800, you wrote:
>Target Marketing
>Jim Sterne
>jsterneattargeting [dot] com
> -----
> Company Slogans in the Skies Before the Year 2000
>SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA 4/1/98 -- Scientists have announced
>a new method of using the Northern Lights as a display for
>advertising. This latest development on the marketing front
>has large companies scrambling to be the first to sign up with
>a new service being offered by Target Marketing of Santa Barbara
>"It's essentially a breakthrough in ionospheric and magnetospheric
>physics," says Jim Sterne of Target Marketing. "Years ago, original
>studies had been focused on the use of low frequency signals to
>communicate with space probes across vast distances, and now the
>Internet gives us a large enough platform to control the Northern
>Computer models generated back in the early 1980's indicated that
>a blanket of loosely woven copper wire spread over a huge area
>could generate controlled pulses. The intent was communication
>with spacecraft that had left the solar system
>Low frequency communication has long been used to communicate
>with submarines far out at sea. It was deemed impractical at the
>time, however, to construct such a system due to the enormous
>cost. Today the Internet backbone provides the platform and the
>characteristics of modern routers and switches provide the controls.
>The clock rates of modern computers and the use of interference
>pattern techniques can generate signals in the 40 to 50 GHz range.

>It was discovered that these signals interact with the Ionosphere
>and can be tuned to cause alterations in Northern Light contours.
>Target Marketing plans to display the first commercial messages
>in Northern Lights one year from the date of this announcement.
>This has started a bidding war among several corporations.
>In individual press releases, Scott McNealy announced a new virtual
>machine called JavIcicles, Microsoft announced Windows NL, and AT&T
>and Sprint have petitioned the FCC for new frequency auctions. Bill
>Gates was overheard wondering how many programmers it would take to
>make the Northern Lights appear over the lower latitudes.
>Jim Sterne http://www.targeting.com
>jsterneattargeting [dot] com Target Marketing
>Author: "World Wide Web Marketing" 805-965-3184
>"Customer Service on the Internet" Consultant

>and "What Makes People Click - Advertising on the Web"

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