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Subject: Re: UKNM: Northern Lights to be Used for Advertising
From: Jim Sterne
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 16:54:32 +0100

I know because I asked my advisor on the
Psychic Friends Internetwork, and they should
know; they're clairvoyeurs.

At 11:38 AM 3/30/98 +0100, Steve Bowbrick wrote:
>This is ridiculous. Obviously not possible. Some kind of scam.
>Meanwhile, did you see the announcement last week of a breakthrough in
>matter transfer over TCP/IP? There's an RFC describing a new protocol -
>SMTP (Solid Matter Transfer Protocol - apparently there's some problem with
>the name), USRobotics' AtomBlaster modem is in late testing, Cisco have a
>matter router in the works and Bill Gates was quoted as saying "we think
>matter will be the big driver in the next decade. Bits are dead. It's time
>for the atoms to make their long-delayed comeback. Long live stuff!"
>At 11:29 25/03/98 -0800, you wrote:
>>Target Marketing
>>Jim Sterne
>>jsterneattargeting [dot] com
>> -----
>> Company Slogans in the Skies Before the Year 2000
>>SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA 4/1/98 -- Scientists have announced
>>a new method of using the Northern Lights as a display for
>>advertising. This latest development on the marketing front
>>has large companies scrambling to be the first to sign up with
>>a new service being offered by Target Marketing of Santa Barbara
>>"It's essentially a breakthrough in ionospheric and magnetospheric
>>physics," says Jim Sterne of Target Marketing. "Years ago, original
>>studies had been focused on the use of low frequency signals to
>>communicate with space probes across vast distances, and now the
>>Internet gives us a large enough platform to control the Northern
>>Computer models generated back in the early 1980's indicated that
>>a blanket of loosely woven copper wire spread over a huge area
>>could generate controlled pulses. The intent was communication
>>with spacecraft that had left the solar system

>>Low frequency communication has long been used to communicate
>>with submarines far out at sea. It was deemed impractical at the
>>time, however, to construct such a system due to the enormous
>>cost. Today the Internet backbone provides the platform and the
>>characteristics of modern routers and switches provide the controls.
>>The clock rates of modern computers and the use of interference
>>pattern techniques can generate signals in the 40 to 50 GHz range.
>>It was discovered that these signals interact with the Ionosphere
>>and can be tuned to cause alterations in Northern Light contours.
>>Target Marketing plans to display the first commercial messages
>>in Northern Lights one year from the date of this announcement.
>>This has started a bidding war among several corporations.
>>In individual press releases, Scott McNealy announced a new virtual
>>machine called JavIcicles, Microsoft announced Windows NL, and AT&T
>>and Sprint have petitioned the FCC for new frequency auctions. Bill
>>Gates was overheard wondering how many programmers it would take to
>>make the Northern Lights appear over the lower latitudes.
>>Jim Sterne http://www.targeting.com

>>jsterneattargeting [dot] com Target Marketing
>>Author: "World Wide Web Marketing" 805-965-3184
>>"Customer Service on the Internet" Consultant
>>and "What Makes People Click - Advertising on the Web"
>Steve Bowbrick Webmedia Group
>0171 494 3177 0468 257 570
Jim Sterne http://www.targeting.com
jsterneattargeting [dot] com Target Marketing
Author: "World Wide Web Marketing" +1 805-965-3184
"Customer Service on the Internet" Consultant
and "What Makes People Click - Advertising on the Web"

  UKNM: Northern Lights to be Used for Adv, Jim Sterne
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