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Subject: UKNM: Aztec, IEE conference on IPR protection, security, encryption
From: Dominic Cameron
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 1999 22:00:17 GMT


We thought you or a colleague on your team
might be interested in attending this
one day event at the IEE, Savoy House, on
The Strand in three weeks time (26 March).

It's addressing topics such as: watermarking,
anti-copy measures in multimedia (DTV, web),
secure IP-based WANs, MP3 music, content
management and rights management, encryption
and new forms of micropayments.

It is a conference for which Aztec has
researched and selected the speakers from
companies including: Digimarc, Macrovision, Sun,
Qpass, Zergo, IFPI, Audiosoft and Aardman.

Companies and topics are shown below.
For full details visit the IEE website:

The conference fee is ca. UKP 100.

I will be chairing the event, and will
be delighted to see you there. Please do
pass this note to any colleague that may
be interested.

Best wishes,

Dominic Cameron
AZTEC Internet Ltd


Legal background and business issues [ Eversheds ]
Global secure extranets for the automotive industry, [ ICSA (USA) ]
Secure Virtual LANs: RemotePassage, [ SUN Microsystems (USA) ]
Trials, tribulations and practical implications of encryption applied to
audio and movies on DVD [ Barry Fox ]
MP3, the de facto Internet Music Standard [ AudioSoft (France) ]
Audio Watermarking [ IFPI ]
Image Watermarking [ Digimarc (USA) ]
Anticopy measures for broadcast video and computer games [ Macrovision
Selecting the right e-payment scheme [ Hewlett Packard ]
Secure electronic commerce [ Zergo ]
Secure Electronic banking [ JCP ]
New business models for the web [ Qpass (USA) ]
IPR in advanced content management [ Hewlett Packard/ Aardman Animations ]

dominiccataztec [dot] net A Z T E C Internet Ltd consultants
11 maiden lane t: 44 171 543 1735
london wc2e 7na f: 44 171 543 1701
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