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Subject: UKNM: Last Minute or How not to run an e-commerce site?
From: Mario Tilney-Bassett
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 1999 20:37:21 GMT


Is there anyone on the list from Last Minute.com?

Just had a terrible first shopping experience on the site trying to book an
Easter break.
Slow access, more crashes than I care to remember, once just after I had
entered credit card details (!) - the phone helpline operator told me three
times to keep trying the site and actually said they would prefer not to
take phone bookings.

Cut to a few hours later - still no access, and I am told that now the
holiday has all sold out. I received an apology and was told "small
company...can't cope with demand...etc"
This answer did not reassure me, especially after I had entered my credit
card details in time for a crash.

Outcome: A customer (not a potential customer, but a real, ready to spend
customer) can't spend the 500 GBP they were perfectly happy to. What's worse
is that they now have a bad opinion of LM.com

Surely this isn't the way to run an ecommerce site or build a brand with
regular custom? What use is promotion without infrastructure to support it?

I've happily shopped on the Internet before - most recently at Interflora
and Amazon - but if this was my first dalliance with e-commerce, I would not
be too keen to rush back into cyberspace.

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