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Subject: UKNM: Non Clickable banners & The future of internet advertising!
From: Salim Fadhley
Date: Sat, 13 Mar 1999 18:41:04 GMT

Here's how I think things will be:

If current trends are anything to go by, the advertising of the future will be:

* Opt-in (or Permission Marketing)

This could be PM by proxy - did you get an AVI of the Levis Sta Prest advert in your email this week... A friend chooses advertising you might want to see.

It could also be PM by agent - some kind of software will be able to select advertising that might be relevant or entertaining to me...

* Measurable

It's a fact that measurable stuff is easier to sell. If you know what works and what does not work you can kill the crap stuff and make the best stuff better.

* Less Intrusive

Advertising that interrupts an experience (Like browsing the web or watching a Bond film) - When ads become permission communications, the user has the power to experience them
whenever they want.

* More relevant

Out goes spam, and traditional targeting methods - they just dont deliver a high enough yield - Bill Gates probably watches ads for Andrex, and I get to watch ads for Jaguar cars.
I cant afford a Jag, and he dosent buy his own bog-roll.

The premium ad-space will be on sites with registerd members. Targeting will be done by realitme agents that consider spending power, spending history, lifestyle and even taste.
Customers will be given incentives for registering, even hard cash - and ultimately everybody will win because:

* Advertisers get better targeting & measurability
* Users dont get their time and screen space wasted
* Content providers can charge more per media impression & click.

- Just my thaughts - thaught they might be relevant given Sajid's points on advertorials, and Matteo's opinion on Non-Clickable banners. Anybody care to take sides? Lets have an
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