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Subject: Re: UKNM: Non-clickable banners
From: Matteo Berlucchi
Date: Sat, 13 Mar 1999 18:41:24 GMT

Ray taylor wrote:

"But rather than lose the link and cause all that button finger
frustration, why not hit an obvious compromise and provide a link to a
single page hosted on the same site? That way you allow the partner to
provide as much information about their services as possible, and you
give people who want to click and find more somewhere to go without
losing them."

Yes. This is certenly a possibility. The problem with that is that it becomes
something different from a non clickable banner (NCB). The main idea behind the
NCB is that it acts exactly like a bill-board on the M4. If you start linking
"advertising spaces" to the banner you end up distracting the user and here we
come to what Philip Rooke wrote:

"If losing traffic through ads is a problem, you must have poor content. If
you have poor content, you probably have poor brand values and therefore are
not worth advertising on in the first place."

Or, I would add, your site is not a "content" site but simply a financial site
that tries to get people to apply for a loan online and does not care (rightly
so) about traffic retention as Alliance & Leicester is not exaclty in the
"entrateining" business.

The NCB idea is in response of poor ctr campaigns and of the fact that at the
end of the day only 1% (3% on Carlton) of your visitors will click on the

Also, A&L spends quite a lot of money to get people to come to their site to
apply for a financial product and they are not particularly happy about having
very visitors distracted by "clickable" banners.

I am not against clickable banners, but I believe that the NCB solution is a
completly different proposition.


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