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Subject: RE: UKNM: Whats next after Freeserve?
From: Glen Collins
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 1999 21:20:33 GMT

> >Well, there's already a move towards free calls, with companies offering
> >free calls in a type of 'happy hour' environment in the UK.
> Free technical
> >help and all that stuff is also on the horizon / available for
> free ISP's -
> >although there is a risk of this type of pure pricing war collapsing the
> >market.
> One of the freeISP's are offering free calls to it's free access account
> holders. Can't remember their name but the offer was something like "free
> calls between 6pm and 6.05pm"
> Don't quote me on this, but it wasn't that impressive an offer.

Yeh, this was the company I was refering to. It's X-Stream Network (the
first free ISP). They offered a few hours one evening free as a special
promotion. And apparently are doing this a few more times. They reckon
they got 4000 new users as a result of the promotion.

> Personally I can't wait until we are all offered free calls/ access/
> pizza.

Don't hold your breath - we could quickly see the market collapse if this
did happen.

> It means that the .... dare I be so avant garde ... "pay for" ISPs will
> start charging again and actually offer a decent service.
> About bloody time as well.

Don't quite follow the logic here - but certainly ISP's getting so much
media attention / users will mean that service levels are likely to improve.


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  RE: UKNM: Whats next after Freeserve?, Lee Rickler

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