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Subject: RE: UKNM: The invisible banner?
From: Robin Edwards
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 1999 17:45:36 GMT

On Sunday, March 07, 1999 9:34 AM, jim smith [SMTP:jimatflenser [dot] co [dot] uk] wrote:

> 2% is a good direct mail response - but most of those people will convert
> to sales.
> just getting a 2% click-through is, well, a little opaque in what it
> actually means.

Couldn't agree more. That's why it is important to track where your sales came
from, even more than where your visitors are coming from.

> banners do not work on the internet. full stop.

Wow! Definitely don't agree here. I've seen sites generate 200% more traffic
after running a banner campaign, and push the sales up accordingly. Whether or
not banners are the best solution is of course not so cut and dried.

> driving traffic to a site that then goes on to sell via sponsorship or
> association or direct is one thing - and it's so much more efficient to
> take that banner money and put it into decent PR coverage than it is to
> splatter cheesy animated GIFs around sites that appear to match your brand
> values. using banners to build brands does not.

Global PR? That could get expensive.

> by trying to drag 19th-century attitudes into a 20th century medium you are
> merely hindering its development and hastening your own ossification into
> fossil curios.

I don't know of any agency that is completely banner-only and isn't looking at
(and using) other methods alongside banners and evaluating the results. If the
purpose of your site is to sell products, then there is one holy grail - the
lowest possible cost-per-sale. Whether this comes from print ads, TV ads, PR,
online sponsorship, banners, opt-in email marketing, DM or whatever, the
results will vary on a client by client basis.

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